Treatlite Active Personal Laser treatment on your own time!


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 SIA EKOMED – the official distributor of Treatlite Active lasers in the Baltic States. 

Treatlite Active gives you the opportunity and freedom to treat your pain and inflammation for arthritis, ligament and muscle issues on your own time and when it’s convenient for you. Treatlite Active is also an efficient treatment for Herpes, Acne and several virus infections.


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Treatlite Active is built around a Gallium-Aluminum-Arsenide laser. The laser diod has a wave length of 808 nm. This is a wave length just on the limit of visible red light and non-visible light. The laser diod is the same diod that is used in low level laser equipment for professional use. The laser diod has an effect of 120 mW. Through specialized techniques, the radiation has been made harmless and the Treatlite may be used without eye protectors.

Treatlite Active is certified (CE marked) by SEMCO as an EU controlled medical equipment and this means that the product has undergone a number of safety tests.

Research and a great number of scientific studies have shown how the body reacts to low level laser treatment. The cells get a self-help assistant and the laser energy works as a turbo effect on the body’s own healing process. The cells are stimulated by the laser to make more energy, which in return generate qualities like inflammation inhibition, micro circulation, alleviation of pain, wound healing, anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects etc.

As the laser treatment only stimulates the body to heal itself, there are no known side effects

Several rheumatic and diabetic patient groups have seen great healing benefits with this efficient and guaranteed side effect free pain therapy as a good compliment to other medical care.

Professional athletes and anyone who enjoys staying active have discovered the efficient treatment possibilities that Treatlite low level have to offer. Sport wounds heal faster and emergency pain relief, competition and exercise can be resumed earlier.

If you have not already purchased a Treatlite Active, treat yourself to a unique treatment regimen today.

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